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Our core values are to provide compliant high-quality data, be responsive and establish long-term partnerships with our clients. To achieve this every effort is taken by our team to adhere to our core values of delivering:

  • High quality, reliable data in compliance with the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) requirements and mandated data quality objectives
  • Respond quickly and positively to meet our clients’ needs and deadlines
  • Services in an honest and confidential manner. The data generated by Positive Lab Service belongs to the entity that requested and paid for the services. Reports and/or data will not be released to a third party without consent and written permission.
  • Unmatched premier service offered by a dedicated and friendly professional team

We believe the goal to best serve our clients is achieved through our team’s dedication and expertise combined with our commitment to maintain a high standard of performance and desire to upgrade the systems that matches the highest industry standard.

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In 1904 chemical engineers Emory Smith and Arthur Emery began their business with a simple goal of providing compliant high-quality data and establishing long-term partnerships with their clients through strong service and customer satisfaction. The company’s mission emerged from their curiosity and intellectual rigor to strive to develop and use their knowledge and expertise to produce uncompromised data and provide their customers with timely and accurate testing, helping to create safer working and living environments with their resulting data. Our earliest customers were the City and County of San Francisco, who counted on our laboratory for accurate test results in feed provided to the horses that pulled the city / county fire - police equipment.

Today, Positive Lab Service (PLS) has emerged from its original 5 person staff to a team of professionals with an average tenure of 19 years, honing the skills necessary to find the best ways to develop and test and provide our clients with unmatched industry knowledge.

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At Positive Lab Service (PLS), we recognize the importance of our data in support of making critical decisions related to protection of the public health and environment. Our mission is to consistently provide our clients with well-documented, high quality data that is accurate, precise, complete, representative, scientifically sound, and legally defensible in a timely manner.

The long-term relationships we have developed stem from our unmatched service, accurate data and quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing. I pride myself on being your single point of contact for any of your service needs, call me anytime.

John Schmidt

Laboratory Manager

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Every day at Positive Lab Service, we give each person the opportunity to make an impact by leveraging their expertise, talent and skills. We hire to nurture talent because we acknowledge that our employees are the foundation of our reputation for innovation and proficiency.

We champion a culture of diversity and inclusion in our workforce because it is the smart and right thing to do. Hard work, passion and commitment have built Positive Lab Service success, and we invite you to come grow with us.

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