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Positive Lab Service
has been located at 781 East Washington Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles, California for more than 40 years.  The facility, completely remodeled in 1991, comprises 6600 square feet of total space, of which 4000 square feet is laboratory space.  Our Service facilities are designed for efficiency, safety, and compliance with applicable regulations.


The receiving area is the home of the laboratory information management system (LIMS), which tracks samples and projects, generates sample labels and workload assignments; and prints reports.

The sample storage facility features secure and segregated (e.g., water vs. wastewater and soil) refrigerators for routine samples.  Highly contaminated samples are kept separated from all other samples to avoid cross-contamination.

What We Measure
Organic extraction functions are conducted in laboratories physically separated from all other labs in order to percent solvent contamination of analytical areas.

The volatile organic laboratory is equipped with a dedicated air conditioning system to prevent contamination from all other laboratories.

Semi-volatile analyses are conducted in a separate laboratory for similar reasons.

The inorganic department features a large general laboratory area and separate laboratories for metals analysis.