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Positive Lab Service has extensive experience analyzing hazardous substances in water, soil, solid waste, wastewater, waste oil, sludge, sediment and solvents.  Positive Lab Service is committed to providing clients with accurate analysis and prompt turnaround time.  The analytical methods are continually upgraded to comply with the federal, state, and regional requirements.

Positive Lab Service’s personnel possess a detailed knowledge of current EPA and other standard methods, as well as laboratory procedures.  In order to maintain the level of our performance, a great emphasis is placed on the internal training and advanced external training of the staff.

The laboratories are organized according to their specific functions and operate under organic and inorganic departments to facilitate effective operations and management.  

All chemists and technicians must read and have a complete understanding of the laboratory QA manual and standard operating procedures in addition to EPA methods and applicable regulatory requirements governing hazardous waste analysis.  The completion of training is documented and signed by the trainee and the supervisor.

All chemist and technicians are proven proficient in performing the assigned methods. Internal and external Performance Evaluation samples are analyzed by the chemist who performs the test(s) routinely.

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